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Unification Day 2019

Friday, September 6, 2019

Unification Day is celebrated on September 6.

Commemorating the unification of Bulgaria and the Ottoman province of Eastern Rumelia in 1885.

Following the end of the Russo-Turkish War, the territory of present-day Bulgaria was divided into several parts by the Treaty of Berlin (1878).

The autonomous region of Eastern Rumelia was separated from the rest of Bulgaria and incorporated into the Ottoman Empire.

On September 5, a large group of armed rebels began to march from Golyamo Konare (now Saedinenie) to Plovdiv, which was the capital of Eastern Rumelia.

The rebels captured the city on September 6 and overthrew Governor General Gavril Krastevich.

Stoyanov formed a temporary government, and Eastern Rumelia became part of Bulgaria.

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